E3 Games and Release Dates!

A *Mostly* Comprehensive list of games from 2017's E3 event!

With all the E3 conferences down It's time to start thinking about all the games that were announced! Here's a mostly complete list of all the games announced! Check it out!

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Final 1-Bit Clicker Jam Game

Unfinished, and annoying, but unique.

So I didn't make it for the deadline, very upsetting. HOWEVER I did take a few days after the jam to polish up the game and finish it up as close as I could to what I was planning for the jam. Check the full link to get the demo version that I made for the jam. Go to full post »

1-Bit Clicker Jam Stream Schedule!

Work + Work = No Sleep

Announcing my stream schedule for the rest of this week! It's going to be crazy and hopefully we can fit all the stuff in and the schedule doesn't get pushed back!

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The Final Build! +1-Bit Clicker Jam Announcement

There miiiight still be a few bugs...

Okay So if you've been here in the last couple weeks, my site has been very much under construction. I wanted to start building my portfolio, but I wanted to design a custom backend that allowed me to do what I want. I finally came to a design I liked, and then I built it!

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