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Snowdrama May 18, 2023 [Update] #Update

A miserable little pile of words!

Dracula from Castlevania

This is it, my first post on hopefully what is something I continue doing for the foreseeable future.

I don't even know what to put here because... when is the last time you saw someone start a NEW blog? At first, I was even kind of blown away just by the thought of setting up a blog because I feel like the last time I heard someone genuinely say "blog" was 2009, we had just elected our first black president, "Blame It On The Alcohol" by Jamie Foxx and T-Pain would be the summer anthem of every 20-something, Angry Birds was about to take the world by storm, and Facebook still required you to be a student to join.

Seriously though, who makes a blog? Usually, blogs are written by some guy who's been writing blogs since blogs were still the primary form of social media, and when you say blog to someone from the TikTok generation, they just look at you like you're stupid and ask why you're putting a B in front of "vlog".

Me saying I was going to make a blog 2 years ago

I did say I was going to make a blog...

But here I am, doing a blog, crazy. I guess I fall into the old man category this isn't my first blog, but I've lost the logins for basically all the ones I can remember.

The most recent one, and the arguably most active one, was around 2012 when a friend and I started doing game development using XNA! The game idea was MASSIVELY overambitious for the skills we had at the time(hell it's still pretty ambitious now!) but I fondly remember that time as if it were... well a decade ago, but you get the picture.

Here's what it looked like:

Jack Hunter: The Final Voyage of the Natalia

I've definitely come a long way since then for sure, it hasn't been all smooth sailing but, I'm happy with my progress.

Recently I've been working on building a bunch of tools for Unity since I primarily use Unity for game development nowadays, though I am still interested in other engines like Godot and Luxe as well, for now, I'm sticking with Unity at least for the next project.

Speaking of projects I've been trying over the last 5 months to figure out how to start finishing games. It's really hard, I have a lot of ideas and not enough skill to finish a lot of them.

But instead of doing nothing, I think it's about time I start putting in some time for a devlog! devblog? devlog? if it's a developer blog then it's a devblog since a blog is the shortening of web-log right? Or is it a developer log, a devlog? but it's on the web so... it's a blog... but also a devlog could be a vlog so it could also be a developer video log... which this isn't...

Anyway, jokes aside, I'm going to start a devlog here but I am also working on a YouTube video as well! (Also very possible you came here from that in which case, hello!)

So currently the plan is a 2D adventure game, I have some rough ideas of how I want that to work. I don't want to get into too much detail as there are a lot of things that can change and I recently saw some reviews on a game that shares a lot of commonalities getting a lot of mid to negative reviews so a lot is in flux.

What I can say is I know it's going to be some kind of 2D adventure game with a lot of mechanics around crafting and selling items, beyond that most other things are in flux. I'm still debating on the scale of the project due to a lot of external factors but that should start to fall into place, and I hope that It falls in place sooner than later so I can have some stability.

Anyway, I can save this for later anyway since I'm going to be talking about it in detail a lot more over the coming weeks.

In the meantime thanks for reading! See you all soon!

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